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  • IRPO (Intensive Research and Practice Oriented) method. We use IRPO method keeping in mind contemporary trends.
  • Under this method all research work would be done by us.
  • We provide you what you ought to read which saves your time and we help you use that time for practice. That is why IRPO gives you the edge.
  • Personalised Coaching.
  • We not only prepare you for exams rather our effort is to make you an “Enlightened” (aware and confident) person. In other words we impart “Officer-Like” qualities in you which is what UPSC is looking for.








Munish Sharma - AIR 2, CSE 2013

Saloni Sidana - AIR 74, CSE 2013

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Munish Sharma, AIR-2, CSE 2013 (In Hindi)

Mrinal Chawla, AIR-156, CSE-2013

Prateek Singh, AIR-216, CSE-2013

Himani Dhamija, AIR-480, CSE-2013

Nitika Pawar - AIR 18, CSE 2011

Tapasya Raghav - AIR 78, CSE 2012

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