JAGA Mission is an initiative of Odisha government, the name “JAGA” means land.

Recently, JAGA mission won “World Habitat Award” and “India Geospatial Excellence Award” – for techonological innovation in transforming the lives of urban poor.

Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission “JAGA” is a society under Housing and Urban Development(H&UD) Department, Government of Odisha, headed by the chief secretary, Odisha as Chairman and Principal Secretary, H&UD as member secretary

Aims of the Mission:

  • Focus on transforming the slums into liveable habitat with all necessary civic infrastructure and services at par with the better off areas within the same Urban Local Body(ULB).
  • To continuously improve the standard of the infrastructure, services and access to livelihood opportunities.
  • To leverage and converge various schemes / programs / funding opportunities by strengthening collaboration among various departments and other stakeholders.
  • To provide advisory support to Government of Odisha to examine options for policy reforms required for the sustainable transformation of lives of urban poor.

World Habitat Award:       

The Award is given by World Habitat, in partnership with United Nations – Habitat. It recognize and highlight innovative, outstanding and sometimes revolutionary housing ideas, projects and programmes from across the world.

India Geospatial Excellence Award:

The award is given by GeoSmart India and it is given to celebrate outstanding examples of innovation and excellence in the geospatial sector each year.