The process of artificially tweaking rain is known as Cloud Seeding. It is used with the usual intent to increase precipitation, dissipate fog, reduce lightning or suppress hail.

 Under this process, chemicals are sprayed into clouds to modify the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds.


Most commonly used chemicals:

  • Silver Iodide.
  • Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide)
  • Liquid Propane: produces ice crystals at higher rate than silver iodide.
  • Table Salt.



  • Boost in economy
  • Creation of rainfall
  • Weather Regulation
  • Dry places are made more livable
  • Impact of drought is reduced
  • Employment opportunities
  • Ground based machines can be used
  • Geographically oriented
  • Availability of different methods
  • Benefits to the crops



  • Harmful chemicals are induced in environment
  • Success depends upon other factors like wind
  • Expensive
  • Poses weather problems
  • Long term impact in unknown