The rules are applicable to individual or organization or any authority that generates construction and demolition waste like building materials, 

debris and other waste generated from new construction, repair and demolition of any civil structure.

  • According to rules, waste generators are responsible to collect the waste generated by them and have to hand over the local authority or concerned agency.


  • Who are generating more than 20 tons in a day or 300 tons waste per month, they have to submit a waste management plan and need to receive approvals from the local authority before starting the work.


  • Responsibility also given to the service providers like local authority is responsible for appropriate waste management of construction and demolition in its jurisdiction with insertion of proper containers for collection, transportation, processing and disposal.


  • The site of C & D waste processing or recycling should be away from habitation clusters, forest areas, water bodies, monuments, National Parks, Wetlands and places having the important cultural, historical or religious interest.


  • In this, the duties of State Government or Union Territory Administration, SPCB/PCC, the Central Pollution Control Board and the Central Government described and also gave the timeframe for implementation of the provisions of the rules.