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Section 144 of CrPC empowers the District Magistrate or sub-divisional magistrate or any other Executive Magistrate to issue an order on behalf of the State government

Right now, India is facing both Structural(long term) and Cyclical Challenges(Short term). Because of this, restricting economic slowdown is challenging for the Government.

Sexed semen techonology is a processed semen of bulls, in which Y chromosomes is removed from the semen of bull.

In Fuel cell, the combination of hydrogen and oxygen is used as a fuel to generate electricy by an electrochemical process, which is used in devices of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles(FCEV).

Rare earth element is a set of 17 chemical elements in the periodic table. i.e. 15 lanthanides, scandium and yttrium.

Trakea is a forensic evidence management system which help in automating the whole procedure of forensics.

At the edge of a network, Edge computing facilitates to analyse, process and transfer the data. Instead of sending data to a far away centralized data centre, Edge computing enables to analyse data locally, which make data in real time to work without latency.

Typbar TCV is a Typhoid vaccine, it is developed by Bharat Biotech. It is world’s first typhoid vaccine which is clinically proven and can be given to children from six months to adults.

A trade agreement in which two or more countries agree on terms of trade between them. The tariffs and duties that countries can impose on imports and exports are determined in these agreements.

Food inflation is increase in Wholesale Price index (WPI) of essential products (according to food basket) relative to general inflation or the consumer price index (CPI).

GST being applicable to mostly all in businesses, generates revenue for the government.

1. Nowadays fish larvae is feeding on micro plastic particles instead of zooplanktons, which is their natural source of food.

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